Sun City West Stained Glass Club
The Stained Glass Club provides the following classes:
  1. The Novice class for new member of the club. This is approximately 16 hours of training in the basic technique of the craft and use of equipment. There is a fee for this class, which includes all materials and tools, the first years dues and name badge. This class must be taken before any of the other classes can be taken.
  2. Fuzing and slumping class. This is basic instruction in the use of the kilns in the studio. Students will learn about fuzable glass and the techniques for layering glass and creating 3-dimensional forms such as vases and bowls. There is a fee for this class, which covers the cost of materials.
  3. Fuzed jewelry class. This class shows the student how to create earrings and bracelets from dichroic glass. There is a fee for this class, which covers the cost of materials.
  4. Soldering Tune-up class. This class is scheduled periodically based on interest of the members. There is no cost for this class, but the student must provide their own supplies (scraps of glass, foil and solder).
  5. Glass Eye class. This class provides instruction on the use of the computer software program called Glass Eye for creating, editing and using pre-existing stained glass patterns. Glass Eye has over 400 patterns in it's library. There is no fee for this class.