Sun City West Stained Glass Club
The club has a vast library of books and patterns available for use in the club. The books and patterns are to be used exclusively in the club only. If you find a pattern you like in the library, please make a copy and return the original to the library. In addition to the paper patterns, the club also has a computer with digital patterns as well.

The book titles are too large to list here, but here are some of the categories in our library.

  • Stained Glass Techniques
  • Lamps
  • Windows
  • Sun-Catchers
  • Mosaics
  • Boxes
  • Buildings 
  • Quarterly Stained Glass Magazines

Books are kept in the Tool Room on a bookshelf. Our librarian tries to maintain some organization of the shelves, so it would be helpful, if when you remove a book, to put it on the same shelf it came from.

Paper Patterns

Patterns are found in the tall filing cabinet near the back door of the club. There are labels on the front of each drawer indicating what kind of patterns are available. Within the drawer there are labeled file folders for themes such as "angels", "animals", etc.. When removing patterns, please remember to return the pattern to it's respective folder.

Glass Eye Computer Patterns

The club has a computer on the front desk for use by members who have been trained on "Glass Eye" software. Glass Eye has 100s of patterns that you can choose from and use to base your own designs. If you are interested in using Glass Eye, put your name on the Glass Eye Training signup sheet on the front desk in the club. You can check out more about Glass Eye by visiting the Glass Eye Web Site.