Sun City West Stained Glass Club

The club has the following video training tapes that are available for member use.

  • Solder Made Easy
  • Solder Magic
  • Making Stained Glass Windows
  • Instructions On Making A Kaleidoscope
  • Mosaics Made Easy 
Procedures For Checking Out Video Training Tapes.

The videos are kept in the Tool Room, locked, cupboard. You can ask the monitor for the key. Only 1 video may be checked out per loan period.  The loan period is for 7 days. A check deposit of $25.00, made out to the Club, is to be left in the designated envelope for each tape.  The member's check will be returned to Club Member when the tape is returned. Put the member's name and date on the sign-out sheet for the video being checked out. Place the check in the designated envelope and attach to sign-out sheet. 

Procedures For Checking In Video Training Tapes.

BE SURE TO REWIND TAPE BEFORE RETURNING. On returning the video, the member should put the tape back in the Tool Room closet and sign their initials and date of return on the sign-out sheet for that particular video.